Pinstripe Alley

Total Miles


885.88 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

On maps, this trail seems like a promising, fun mountain route. In actuality, it is narrow, severely overgrown, and virtually impassable, except for dirt bikes. Vegetation and branches are swallowing up the trail, and even on a dirt bike, you'll get brushed. Larger machines will definitely get pin stripes, so go at your own risk. Water/mud holes are present on the trail. Eventually, a giant downed tree ended the mapping, although there were signs of dirt bikers going around it. It was either too early in the season, or they no longer maintain this trail. Did find an awesome overlook to the North though, that had an open area and a rock fire ring.


Dirt or rocky road, typically unmaintained after rain or snow. You may encounter shallow water crossings and obstacles under 12" on the trail, including small ledges. Roads are typically one to two vehicles wide.

Technical Rating