Irish Mountain

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Gravel USFS roads make this an easy trail for any vehicle, but 4WD is recommended for wet and snowy conditions. There are no obstacles other than mud puddles and ruts in places. It's a great family ride and is excellent hunting territory within the Colville National Forest, plus features a walking tour of the Old Dominion silver and lead mine near Colville.

Photos of Irish Mountain

Irish Mountain
Irish Mountain
Irish Mountain


Gravel county and USFS roads - no obstacles except for mud, ruts, and slippery conditions if wet or snowy.


Old Dominion Mine was prospected in the 1880s and was a major silver, zinc, and lead producer in NE Washington, and is geologically linked to many other mines in the area north and east of Colville.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

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We started this route from the Old Dominion Mine on a county road, Old Dominion Road, but street-legal vehicles including OHVs can ride from Colville using back roads (city and county only - state highway 20 isn't open to OHVs).

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