Bolt Camp

Total Miles


750.43 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Start out on a gravel fire road that winds up the mountain, with many openings for good views of the mountains. Once you take a slight left turn off the main fire road you continue on a single-track style trail that is steeper up the mountain. Pass two main waterfalls that flow across the trail in their own wide rut. Usually about 12 inches deep, one drops down about 18 inches to the water. There is about a 1/8th mile section towards the middle that has a series of 12 to 30-inch deep ruts down the center of the trail that you can either straddle or drop one side of the vehicle into. The trail is tight and very forested, usually needs to clear a fallen tree or two after a storm. As of now, there is a big downed tree blocking the trail toward the top so the map stops about 1000 feet short. There is snow in the winter if you go early it's passable but mid-winter the snow will be very deep towards the top.

Photos of Bolt Camp

Bolt Camp
Bolt Camp
Bolt Camp


There are a few waterfalls on the side of the trail that pass over the trail. Water is about 12 inches deep usually. Few eroded areas that make the trail very tight. About a 1/8th mile section of 12 to 30 inch deep ruts down the center that you can straddle or put one side of the vehicle into. Very few spots to turn around or pass.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Preston B
Aug 12, 2023
2021 Jeep Gladiator
Thomas Bagley
Jun 24, 2023
2023 Chevrolet Silverado
Matt Rutter
Jun 18, 2023
2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Bret Weeks
May 28, 2023

Access Description

The trail is about a mile or so off Highway 530 through a residential area.

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