FS70 Greenwater to Cliffdell

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1495.88 ft



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Trail Overview

You will find FS70 just outside of Greenwater heading east off of SR410. This road is paved for the first 10 miles. There are many camping spots along the way. When you reach the sno-park, the gravel will start. In the winter the road stops here, and is only accessible to snowmobiles. The gravel is pretty easy, with a few areas of large potholes. There is a stretch about halfway in where the road gets a bit more primitive. You will come to some larger rocks, and a few ruts. The gravel is mostly non existent, replaced with silty dirt and rocks. There are plenty of beautiful views and lookout spots to stop along the trails. Once you cross over to the east side of Washington, you will notice that the gravel starts to come back. The road is gravel until roughly the last 14 miles, then it turns to pavement again. There are plenty of camping spots along the Little Naches River. You will then end up on SR 410 just outside of Cliffdell. Be sure to swing by Whistling Jacks on your way home for fuel and/or ice cream!


Most of the road is easy going, some is paved and the rest is gravel and dirt. There are areas where there are some ruts and large softball sized rocks are poking out of the road. There are also some spots where there are some jagged rocks that are poking out of the road as well. There are areas of large potholes and washboard too. Just drive cautiously and pick you lines well.

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Access Description

Find your way to Enumclaw. Once in Enumclaw, head east on SR410. You will come to a small town called Greenwater and pass through. Just outside of town, you will find FS70 on the left.