Frenchman Coulee Tour

Total Miles


412.98 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Most travelers explore the south side of Frenchman Coulee and completely overlook the solitude of the north side. The spur trails lead you to various vantage points along the coulee rim. Each of those spurs lead to potential dispersed campsites right on the cliff edge. The far west side of the route has an amazing view of the Columbia River. Be sure to read up on the amazing geological history of this area, from the great Columbia Basalt lava flows, later to be washed out by the ice age floods, creating the coulee you see. Unfortunately, this area has been used as a place to dump trash, so some areas are less pretty than they should be. If camping in this area, be prepared for high winds of 30 mph or more, which is quite common. With the wind, also comes dust.


This is an easy trail, and can be traveled with a passenger car if you're careful.

Technical Rating