FR 2045 - Loup Loup Canyon Road

Total Miles


936.08 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

This route is a part of the WABDR (Section 5) and is therefore often trafficked by ADV riders. Please use caution. The trail from Highway 20 begins as a gentle and easy dirt road - wide enough for two vehicles to pass one another. Once you reach the Rock Creek Campground, the trail progressively becomes more narrow. Once the trail cuts into the forest, the once-wide trail becomes a single lane. This section is not nearly as maintained, with potholes, erosion ruts, and potential shallow water crossing. Around 11 miles in (traveling North), where the switchbacks are, there is a long hill climb/descent from the ridgetop to the valley below. It's a narrow shelf road with loose rocks. 4WD is not required. The views from the switchback are worth enjoying for a moment. Unmaintained (closed) in the winter and early spring months. No cell service.

Photos of FR 2045 - Loup Loup Canyon Road

FR 2045 - Loup Loup Canyon Road
FR 2045 - Loup Loup Canyon Road
FR 2045 - Loup Loup Canyon Road


This trail is rated an easy 3 due to the potential for shallow water crossing. The switchback is a long climb/descent with some loose rock and a steep drop-off to one side.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Brandon Eberhardt
Apr 13, 2024
Run from south to north, trail starts out dry and dusty, then hit the spring run off that had recently covered the road, couple crossings (rock bottoms) but the ruts from previous vehicles in the wet made this a rough ride (we chose not to air down, and would do so for comfort if we had known).

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