Durr Road to Umtanum Creek Camp

Total Miles


814.03 ft


0.26 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

Although this trail is a fairly short drive from Ellensburg, you will soon feel like you've been transported to the old west. Once you leave the paved Umtanum Road and get onto Durr Road you will find that it is unmaintained dirt with loose rock. You will have some great views of the snow-capped mountains in the Fall/Spring as you traverse this trail. The road winds through the countryside and then you will go through a series of switchbacks but don't forget to stop at the top and take some pictures of the fabulous scenery. After a short drive down you will cross a small one-lane bridge and find a small camp area to the right and a much larger one to the left. We spent the night at the larger one and loved it! There were flat grassy areas to put up tents and an abundance of room for rigs to stage and camp. Bonus: This seems to be far enough from town and is very dark at night which allows you a magnificent view of the sky.


I did not encounter any washouts, but this is an unmaintained dirt road with loose rocks. There were several larger rocks near the trail so there are some minor rock slides to watch out for.

Technical Rating


Access Description

From I-90 take Umtanum Road and follow it to Durr Road.