Hite Hollow

Total Miles


968.95 ft


2.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

Hite Hollow is located in the George Washington National Forest, west of Staunton, VA. It's a basic trail that offers outstanding views of the surrounding area. The trail is mainly rock and dirt and has several switchbacks that take you up the ridge line. Many of these switchbacks offer stunning views. During winter months there isn't much wildlife or vegetation present, but during spring and summer months one can expect to see the full range of flora and fauna that is native to the Virginia mountains. Cell service is extremely spotty along the trail, so plan accordingly.


Hite Hollow is a basic trail that is beginner-friendly. Any SUV or truck should be able to complete it in 2WD. After rain or snow, the trail is not maintained, so be aware that 4WD will likely be necessary during or immediately after those conditions.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Hite Hollow is accessible from VA-42, just west of Augusta Springs, VA.