FSR 72 Long Run Road

Total Miles


1,113.74 ft


1.25 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This Forest Service road has beautiful views of the Appalachian Mountains and 4WD is not required to see them. You will see several campsites right off the road, but there's one with a spectacular view of the mountains at 38.58666, -79.05788. This campsite is large enough for several rigs to set up and sits at the end of a short trail off FSR 72. This road has a stretch of single-track road going upwards around the mountain, but once on top, it widens out with plenty of room to pass oncoming traffic.


There is a stretch of single-track road going around the mountain on the east side if turning off or headed towards Hopkins Gap Road. There are not many spots to pass oncoming traffic. Beware of soft spots on the road shoulder. Locals say people have gone over the edge in the past.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Paul Liskey
Feb 09, 2024
2013 Nissan Frontier
Temporarily Closed
Scott Crotty
Feb 04, 2024
Temporarily Closed
Posted Sign
Jonathan Pratt
Jan 13, 2024
Tommy Kinsey
Dec 30, 2023
Temporarily Closed
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Access Description

From the Fulks Run area, take Hopkins Gap Road to FSR 72 Long Run Road. From Route 33, take Peake Mountain Road and make a left when you come to Hopkins Gap Road until you reach FSR 72 Long Run Road.

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