Upper FAA Road

Total Miles


2164.55 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This short out and back spur is definitely worth the trip. It begins with a short steep climb, then almost immediate descent as it drops into a beautiful valley. You head back uphill once you cross the valley and pop out on a rock garden-filled Plateau. There are many rocks to work through, but at the end of the trail is a magnificent view of at least 280deg on a clear day. You can probably see all the way to St George from here! There was one fire ring in a small tree grove, and I stirred up a bunch of deer and cows on the way here. You also pass a log cabin-style horse corral with many trees in it. Not sure what's in there, but someone spent a lot of energy to protect it. Three bars LTE at the top. No service in the valley.


Begins with a steep loose hill climb and descent followed by a long boulder harder to make it to the vista point at the end.

Technical Rating