Flat Top/Poverty Flat

Total Miles


2,160.15 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This 6-mile trail moves basically east/west across southern Sevier County, Utah, crossing BLM land, as well as private land owned by Timberline Properties and Crown Mines. Access is granted as the mines are no longer operational. On the east end of the trail, you're on a trail named Flat Top Road on the BLM map, and further west you are on "Poverty Flat," according to the BLM map. However, there are several of these two-track trails in this area called Poverty Flat. The trail shows signs of running water causing erosion and off-camber driving in places. It's rocky in some sections, requiring good ground clearance. It's narrow but room on the side if you should need to let an oncoming vehicle pass. You go up and over some of the hills, giving fantastic views of the mountains beyond and the valleys below. Don't forget to get your online education course certificate to off-road in Utah, as well as your OHV sticker.


Areas of erosion cause off-camber driving for short stints, but if it's dry, it's an easy trail. If it's muddy or wet, it will be more difficult as there aren't enough rocks to give traction in most places.


This area of Southern Utah is rich in mining history, as well as dairy and cattle ranching and a sawmill operation that operated on top of the Sevier Plateau. Henry Torgerson operated a sawmill over near Monroe Peak from 1914 to 1939. The Brindley Dairy was in operation on the Sevier Plateau from 1891-1894. Old mining operations/sites can be found all over these mountains but most have no historical data.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

From Big Rock Candy Mountain on North Hwy 89, cross the river, and use River Road to find the Big Rock Candy Mountain Canyon trail. Go up through the canyon to find this trail. From Marysvale, after crossing the river, turn left on River Road and go north on the Papa Bear Poker Run trail to Monroe Mtn Rd. Follow Monroe Mtn Rd to County Rd 1345, and take that trail to County Rd 1936. Follow 1936 to the east end of this trail.

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