Cedar Pass

Total Miles


1,877.65 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

This trail goes up and over the Cedar Mountain Range. It starts at a gate in a narrow canyon. The canyon is wide enough for most 4WD vehicles; however, it's overgrown in some sections, and plants may scratch larger vehicles. The canyon winds its way upwards until on top of the range. The views from up here are great. Be careful driving this in winter and early spring - there are a few sections up top that turn into mud pits with snow runoff.

Photos of Cedar Pass

Cedar Pass
Cedar Pass
Cedar Pass


No major obstacles when dry. Several muddy sections during the melt season, which may be impassible.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Scott Tydeman
May 03, 2024
2021 Mercedes Sprinter
The trail, for a group of upgraded MB Spinters in a group, was very challenging and should be rated at a 4 NOT a 2! We all made it through without incident around several trails through Cedar Mountain with a very experienced local guide. I have driven numerous 2 rated tails in the USA, however, the Guide and all of us in MB Sprinters agreed, this trail and area should be rated at minimum # 4 !!! We had a blast and got out without incident or huge damage. FUN
Aaron London
Mar 23, 2024
2020 Yamaha XT250
Section of trail between gates super washed out and rough
Arden Ott
Mar 19, 2024
2023 Subaru Outback
Travis Romney
Jun 03, 2023
2022 Toyota 4Runner

Access Description

Take the Delle exit on 80W. Pass the gas station and continue on dirt roads for several miles until you arrive at the gated entrance.

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