The Ugly, The Bad, and The Good (FS 40630/Dry Hollow/Trail ID 70)

Total Miles


2,904.56 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

If you ride this trail from east to west, it's first ugly, then bad, then good. If you take the trail from west to east, it's good, bad, and then ugly. It's a narrow trail through the forest, wide enough for a 72-inch 4-seater SXS, but just barely. In places, tires on this rig touch downed timber or rocks on both sides. Towards the west end of the trail, there are some steep hills with loose and large rocks, and you drop 2,000 feet down towards UT-153 and Little Reservoir. There is one water crossing, and in mid-July 2023, it was shallow and easy. If the springtime mud hasn't dried yet, this trail may be impassable. You may need to cut trees that have fallen across the trail, blocking the path, but it's a great adventure. The pine forest has dead and downed timber, and the aspen groves you pass through are healthy and beautiful. There are a few places where you could turn around if you have to, but very few. If you meet an oncoming vehicle, most likely someone will have to back up. The trail is 5 miles long, but it is very slow, partly because of downed trees, but also because it's so narrow. Downed logs and timber litter the trail, as do rock obstacles. Some areas show visible signs of erosion from run-off. At the top, occasionally you break into a meadow or a clearing with spectacular views of surrounding mountains. At the west end, there is a water line buried in the trail, and the trail is maintained for access to the water tower and water line. Hence, the west end gets the designation, "The Good." Remember, to off-road legally in Utah, you need the online education course certificate as well as an OHV sticker.


This is a narrow trail with downed timber, steep hills with loose, big rocks, and areas of erosion.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

On the east end, you access this trail from Paiute ATV Trail Circleville Marysvale Loop. That Paiute trail is marked as a 60-inch trail, but a 72-inch SXS fits fine from Three Creeks Reservoir to this trail. The Paiute trail may have sections that are limited to 60-inch machines, but in this area, it's wide enough for full-size vehicles. On the west end, you access the trail off of UT-153 just northwest of Little Reservoir.

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