Smokey Mountain Road Must See Sites

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1,733.91 ft


1 Hours

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Spring, Summer, Fall

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If you are traveling the Smokey Mountain Road (BLM330) these two stops are must-see points. They are very close to each other. The southern track provides an opportunity to get phenomenal views of the Grand Escalante Staircase to the south from a spacious viewpoint. It is awe-inspiring to see this land and the grandeur of what has been created through time. On the northern end, a short drive off the main road is the namesake of the road. There are holes in the ground that lead down to the burning sub terrain coal mountain that is below this area. You are actually standing on what has been described as the largest deposit of "clean coal" in the world. This area is potentially unstable so do not drive or walk too close to the holes. Efforts to find and cap all of these holes to extinguish the fire have been attempted to no avail. The other thing to watch, at least the day we were there, was how little smoke is coming out of these holes. Both of these are unique opportunities.

Photos of Smokey Mountain Road Must See Sites

Smokey Mountain Road Must See Sites
Smokey Mountain Road Must See Sites
Smokey Mountain Road Must See Sites


The road to the overlook is well graveled so it should be fine in most weather conditions. The road to the smoke holes is sand and dirt so some caution should be taken if there has been recent moisture. During the winter snow may close these areas for short periods of time.

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Both of these points are off the southern portion of the entire Smokey Mountain Road (BLM330 and BLM300).

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