Poverty Gulch Technical with Overlooks

Total Miles


1702.79 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This side trail is by far the most technical and is probably best left to more capable SxS and four-wheel drive vehicles. There are two technical areas that involve climbing a rock wall approximately 3' high from a tight wash area. The reward of navigating these is an overlook that is nothing short of spectacular that is on white rock. The end of the trail is also an overlook but after visiting the first one off the short side trail it is somewhat anti-climactic. This does have some great views of the backside of Zion.


This section should not be taken alone and only by vehicles capable of navigating high rock ledges and off camber rock faces. There have been serious accidents on this section of trail according to the local riders. Extreme caution should be exercised on this section of the trail. A spotter is recommended for the two most difficult areas. Remember there is no cell service nearby if you get into trouble.

Technical Rating