Gemini Bridges

Total Miles


1839.72 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

You may run into mountain bikers on this popular trail, so make sure to minimize dust. This high, curvy shelf road provides beautiful views and easy pitstops to hike to view the tops of the bridges. If you want to see the bridges from the bottom, you'll use Bull Canyon Trail. You may camp in designated sites, but be sure to carry and use a portable toilet.


Easy. Minor embedded rock and possible washouts after storms. Suitable for most moderate clearance SUVs. Possible large new roads for drilling activity may be confusing.


At least two people have fallen to their deaths attempting to jump the 6 to 10 ft. gap between the two arches. In 1999 a 19-year-old lost his life when he fell 160 feet in his Jeep as he tried to drive across the outer span. You can no longer drive down to the arches. Source:

Technical Rating


Access Description

From Center Street in Moab, drive north 9.8 miles on Hwy. 191 and turn left into Gemini Bridges parking lot. Parking lot is 1.2 miles before you reach Highway 313.