North Creek Road

Total Miles


2,917.28 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

Embarking on North Creek Road is a rewarding journey that is definitely worth exploring. The initial stretch takes you through private property, treating you to splendid valley vistas. As you venture further, the landscape transitions into a delightful blend of trees, including magnificent aspen groves, intermingled with a rich tapestry of other vegetation. Along the way, you'll encounter a picturesque reservoir, adding to the charm of the experience.This road guides you through a diverse terrain, spanning BLM land and the majestic Dixie National Forest, offering an array of natural wonders to behold. The road is a full two-lane improved dirt road that is maintained by both the county and Forest Service. There are no obstacles along the road and it is suitable for any 2 or 4WD drive vehicle with moderate clearance. Roughly 9 miles up the road from Highway 12 is the intersection for Whites Cove, which is part of the Jacob Lake Loop which leads over to Hells Backbone trail. The road ends at Barker Reservoir Campground, where you have the opportunity to set up camp and savor the serene beauty of both Upper Barker Reservoir and Lower Barker Reservoir. Moreover, the surrounding area provides various hiking opportunities, allowing you to explore the landscape's hidden treasures. It's important to be aware that hunters frequently utilize this area for their hunting endeavors, so if you plan on hiking in this locale, exercise caution and respect their activities. Once you get away from Highway 12, you will lose cell phone service. The nearest services are in Escalante.


This is a dirt and rocky road, typically unmaintained after rain or snow. You may encounter shallow water crossings and obstacles under 12 inches on the trail, including small ledges. Roads are typically one to two vehicles wide.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

From Bryce Canyon City, head north on UT-63 N toward N 100 E/E Rodeo Road. At the traffic circle, take the 1st exit onto UT-12. Sharp left onto Main Canyon Road/W Main Canyon-Sweetwater Road. Turn right onto North Creek Road/FR149.

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