Kane Creek Canyon

Total Miles


1,564.59 ft


4 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail is constantly being eroded, but is repaired often enough to keep it open. It is a canyon trail that goes from wide to narrow and eventually drops into Kane Creek. The canyon is hard to navigate at times, so you want to keep a sharp eye on the markers guiding you through the route. ATVs and UTVs can handle this trail as long as the water isn't too high.

Photos of Kane Creek Canyon

Kane Creek Canyon
Kane Creek Canyon
Kane Creek Canyon


Very difficult. Even when the creek is low, you can encounter water 4 ft. deep in places. You have to squeeze through very tight brush in spots. There is a good chance you'll get stuck in mud at some point, so go with a group that is winch-equipped. Plenty of big boulder fields including steep Hamburger Hill starting up the high ledge road. Our 2-door modified Rubicon, with 35-inch tires, got through okay, but just barely.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Keith Nordell
Apr 28, 2024
Ledge obstacles very challenging. We had two rigs with 37” tires, locked on both ends. Ran it six years ago, but much bigger now. Rained just before we arrived and rocks were very wet and slick. Two foot tall rocks then are now 36”. Single winch anchor is in between two biggest obstacles. Can winch up first , but no options for the second, so if you can’t make the second you can be in a dire situation. We backed of and went back out the way we came in.
David Gray
Apr 24, 2024
2022 Ford Bronco
Fallen boulders made it nearly impossible to get a 2 door Bronco on 35s, caused damage to sliders. Only got half way traveling North to South as trail became narrower and narrower once down in creek area. Sustained many deep paint body scratches even with spending alot of time cut back brush. I wish I had not gone down this trail.........
Kodie Williams
Mar 25, 2024
Trail was great fun trail. Hamburger hill was the only challenge of the day about a 6ft ledge that required a winch for almost every vehicle within our group with tires under 40” tires. Overall fun trail just one hard area.
Elijah Eggers
Jan 13, 2024
good fun lots of ice crossing the creek had to turn around at the south end my jeep is barley above stock and wasn't making the rock climb out with the snow and ice

Access Description

From Hwy.191 on south side of Moab at McDonald's, head west on Kane Creek Road. Bear left at the first fork and continue south along river. After the pavement ends, continue south another 6.6 miles on a wide, maintained road. The well-marked trail is on the left.

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