Goldstrike – Lone Pine Arch

Total Miles


1400.06 ft


2.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring Summer Fall Winter



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Trail Overview

This is a relatively easy, graded and maintained path, except for the portion of the track to the arch and petroglyphs. The views are nothing short of fantastic. You will see open pit gold mines that are amazing, as they have different colors of stone. The view back towards St. George oat the top of the last ridge is one you must stop to enjoy. If you look closely, you will see the volcano cone near Diamond Valley in the distance. There are a lot of side trails for UTVs and primitive camping spots to spend time enjoying the area.


The Lone Pine Arch portion of this trail is mostly a graded road that is well maintained but it is somewhat rough because of many washboard areas. The Goldstrike portion of the trail is generally a single-track with most portions being fairly well maintained. There are numerous climbs and descents that most vehichles should have no trouble navigating. There is the occasional rock that may need a little navigating for lower vehicles. Take your time and most vehicles should be fine. This portion of the track is generally used by UTVs. This is not a track to be on after significant moisture, especially the Goldstrike portion.

Technical Rating