Cow Creek

Total Miles


1746.88 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This trail begins super easy, and most of it would be rated a two as it twists and turns through valleys and meadows. Springtime wildflowers were blooming. Interesting rock formations line both sides of the trail, and there are rolling grassy hills reminiscent of Scotland. However, once you make the left turn at cow creek, the trail becomes rocky, loose, and off-camber, and it becomes challenging to determine where the trail leads and how narrow it gets. This recording ends at a spot a short wheelbase 4x4 could turn around, but if it's a larger group, it would be a narrow bottleneck. The trail may continue past this point, but it isn't easy to spot and does not see much use except maybe during hunting season. There is no cell service near the end of the trail, with 2 bars of LTE near the beginning. No obvious camping spots were noticed along this trail.


Mostly easy except for the end of the trail where it narrows greatly. This could be avoided with an SUV by turning around before it gets narrow and rocky.

Technical Rating