Bear Claw Poppy to Santa Clara Loop

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1,536.53 ft



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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This loop will take you out of a suburb of St. George named Bloomington. The trail head for BearClaw Poppy is a popular bike and hiking trail. These roads will take you along the North side of the Virgin River. The trail will take you down one of the edges of the gorge where there is a Utah DWR fish dam. The route takes you along the top of the mountain where is one of the lookouts you can visibly see the Utah/Arizona boarder and also the Virgin River Gorge. Once you are in a small valley at the top you will run into a Scenic Byway Road. If you follow the route you will end up back on Paved Roads that take you back into Santa Clara and St. George or you can follow the signs to Blooming Cave that takes you back where you started at BearClaw.In Utah you must have a Street Legal ATV/UTV and Insurance coverage to drive on any roads that are under 60 MPH. You cannot ride on any Freeways. If your ATV/UTV is registered as Street Legal from out of the State of Utah you are still required to purchase a Utah State Off road Permit. This same rule applies to Arizona which also requires Street Legal (Any State) and an Arizona Off road Permit.

Photos of Bear Claw Poppy to Santa Clara Loop

Bear Claw Poppy to Santa Clara Loop
Bear Claw Poppy to Santa Clara Loop
Bear Claw Poppy to Santa Clara Loop


Dirt and paved roads

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Trey Lanier
Oct 14, 2023
2021 Ford F-Series

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