Antelope/Honeymoon Trail (North)

Total Miles


1469.18 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This trail is really a well maintained gravel road that provides a shortcut between the ranches to the south to Hurricane City. It does connect to Highway 59 in the north however, this route does not take you to the highway as OHVs are not allowed on this highway. OHVs can follow the track in the north when it exist the gravel road and highway vehicles, not OH, can proceed to the highway. This trail was used by young couples as an alternative to taking the steep and dangerous trip down the Hurricane Cliff trail directly to St. George. This path is much easier to navigate although longer. The rating of 2 only applies to the northern portion that is not the well maintained gravel road.


Well maintained gravel road. OHVs must take the alternate route into Hurricane as Highway 59 is not accessible to OHVs. The rating of 2 is only applicable to the trail portion on the north that leaves the gravel road to traverse a farm trail that drops onto Highway 59 in a 30MPH section approximately 1/4 mile outside of Hurricane City.

Technical Rating