Pink Cliffs Viewpoint Loop

Total Miles


2867.63 ft


1.5 Hours

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Trail Overview

A fun loop through Mill Hollow leading up to an incredible pink cliffs viewpoint off Tropic Reservoir Road. The trail starts off looping through an aspen grove and slowly winds up the mountainside to the top. Here, the trail side tracks to a cliff face overlooking the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. The trail then winds down into Crawford Canyon back to Tropic Reservoir Road. Be careful walking on the edge as it is a considerable cliff face below with no barriers. Keep an eye out for cowboy dendroglyphs carved in the aspen bark from Mormon pioneers that originally settled the area. Do not add new carvings in the bark and leave no trace. The trail is closed in winter.


90% of the loop is easy, maintained fire roads. The viewpoint section is more rutted with some deep washouts and remnants of mud holes from wet weather as well as rocky sections with some small boulders.

Technical Rating