Total Miles


2073.5 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

Trail 842 is a short and easy connector trail from Temple Mountain Road to the trailheads for the Green and Blue trails in the 5 Miles of Hell Trail System. It's a dirt trail with lots of whoops since it is used as a main route into or out of the trail system. The trail is pretty rutted and tracked out. The trail is a bit higher elevation than the rest of the trails in the area, going through a tree forest rather than rock canyons, and even has potential to still run into snow or mud in early spring. It ends at a small staging area with lots of camping nearby in the BLM land. This is a very fun area to visit for challenging desert singletrack and you'll likely see other riders coming here to accomplish the extreme challenge of 5 Miles of Hell.


Easy trail with no obstacles, used as entrance or exit to trail system.

Technical Rating