Juando Pass

Total Miles


1290.57 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Juando Pass Trailhead sits right off of Interstate 10 west in the town of Anthony, TX. The trail system will lead into Anthony, NM as well. From the trailhead you'll take fairly maintained dirt roads with some off-camber sections and a few washes. The trail begins to lead into the Franklin Mountains. Directly next to Juando Pass is Franklin Mountains State Park, there is signage letting travelers know not to drive into the park, as vehicle travel is prohibited. Arriving at the pass, the drivers will be welcomed to the rock garden with the gatekeeper. An off-camber right turn with a large boulder to the left, tire placement and spotting skills are crucial to avoid body damage. The trail continues through the canyon and leads up to a large, steep, loose sand and off-cambered hill to exit the pass, this hill is very challenging just as the entire pass is. However, most of the obstacles have bypasses for smaller vehicles.


90% of Juando Pass Trail is easily done in 2WD on decent dirt roads. The actual pass is nothing more than a large rock garden with rocks well over the height of a 33" tire and a loose sand hill to get out. A stock JKU Wrangler is able to do this, however, bottoming out and wheel lifting is going to happen. Lockers are not needed for most lines, some more of the gnarly obstacles will.

Technical Rating