Cherokee Creek

Total Miles


488.9 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

Meander through the north end of the Texas Hill Country along Cherokee Creek following unpaved county roads. Starting in the small town of Cherokee, this trail begins by turning onto County Road 409 from Hwy 16. Around the first bend in the road, pavement quickly turns to dirt and stays that way for the duration of the trail. Passing through open grazing land and between herds of sheep, remain cautious for livestock and and wild animals in the road. Sheep, cows, mule deer, and wild hogs are common. This trail features concrete bridges over Cherokee Creek, a field where a house once was, now only consisting of two standalone chimneys, a run down barn and ends at a cemetery near the town of Chappell.


Road is well maintained and wide enough for passing of two vehicles in most locations.

Technical Rating