920B Spur

Total Miles


328.21 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall

Trail Overview

920B is a Forest Service Road that branches off and returns to Overlook Bluff. This there-and-back road has unique sights to see as you traverse through a beautiful landscape just below the overlook. There is no camping on this road but just above the bluff, you can find ample campsites. The road is maintained year-round so there is not much challenge to this other than you can possibly scrape your undercarriage at the start of the road. There is a buried pipe that creates a steep speedbump. This road terminates at the end of LBJ National Grassland property.

Photos of 920B Spur

920B Spur
920B Spur
920B Spur


920B is a well maintained road by the Forest Service. The only obstacle is a buried pipe at the beginning that creates a steep speed bump. This trail is not wide enough for two vehicles at the same time.

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Gabriel Montilla
Aug 31, 2023
Dirt Bike

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