Iron Gap

Total Miles


312.75 ft


3 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall

Trail Overview

Iron Gap trail is a two-part trail. This trail guide is for the first leg of the trail. You will start at the end of County Road 175 where the trail will start by driving down the edge of the creek ( keep checks on the water level as it can get deep). As you continue down the trail there will be many more water crossings. The ground type will be a mix of dirt and larger river rock which makes for a very bumpy trail if not aired down. There are a few places about halfway down that will be larger rock climbs right out of the water so it will be slick so take your time on them. At the end of the first leg is a great camping and meeting spot. There is an obstacle that is rather large shelf climb that can be done but it is not necessary. You can continue on the trail but it does become a much higher-rated trail after the end of the first leg.

Photos of Iron Gap

Iron Gap
Iron Gap
Iron Gap


This trail has many water crossings and at times water can become very deep and swift. Due to the way the trail is positioned along the creek it will change drastically based on weather.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Tony Chavez
Apr 20, 2024
Trail is fun with plenty of views. Trail is pretty well defined with random side trails that all seem to reconnect to the main. Gets a tad more technical as you go farther in, but worth a run.
Michael Walker
Nov 11, 2023

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