Dicks Creek to Dark Hollow (Unicoi to Erwin)

Total Miles


914.54 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This is an intermediate to advanced trail depending on the vehicle being used. There are multiple water crossings, logs, rocks, and steep-off camber sections. If you're using a full-size vehicle be cautious of narrow trail spots and low-hanging tree branches. Water crossings can be dangerous after a hard rain so beware and proceed with caution. Cell service is spotty but available on most of the trail. The trail is open year-round and can be utilized in both directions.

Photos of Dicks Creek to Dark Hollow (Unicoi to Erwin)

Dicks Creek to Dark Hollow (Unicoi to Erwin)
Dicks Creek to Dark Hollow (Unicoi to Erwin)
Dicks Creek to Dark Hollow (Unicoi to Erwin)


Potential deep water crossing at the beginning of the trail. Multiple mud holes on the trail that vary in depth but do not exceed more than 2 feet. There is also an off-camber section half way through the trail that could be dangerous for high-center-of-gravity vehicles, use caution when approaching this feature.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Jt Palaz
Mar 16, 2024
2007 Nissan Xterra
Starting on highway 107 there an immediate river crossing. Water was a ft deep maybe. Trail was wet and pretty simple with small water holes at the start. Right when you get halfway there’s a steep hillclimb with wet muddy gravel and lots of large tree roots that’s extremely slick. From there it gets a little more aggressive with deep ruts and articulation angles they can get you pretty off camber. Our group all had disconnected sway bars. Besides the deeps ruts and off camber sections that could be bad near some cliff edges it was a nice trail. Would not recommend hitting after or during a heavy rain due to the water crossings.
Cameron Howell
Mar 13, 2024
Temporarily Closed
Closed Gate
Trail is technically closed but was able to go around the gate at hollow end of the trail. Trail all clear but narrow in spots so expect some new pin striping. Beautiful trail highly recommend.
Josh Babcock
Feb 17, 2024
Trail is open on the North D Creek Side. My group cleared out all trees and brush throughout the entire trail. About 15 downed trees and lots of brush. The gate on the Long Hallow side is shut. We had to drive around it to avoid having to drive 9 miles back to the other entrance.
Gage Lovelady
Feb 03, 2024
Downed Tree
Gonna try to pull the trees with winch. Will update if i get it removed!

Access Description

Trailhead from the Highway 107 (Unicoi) side is directly beside North Indian Creek Campground.

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