83 - American Knob Bypass

Total Miles


876.77 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This fun trail gives insight into the area's natural wonders. These rock bluffs provide shelter to the caves beneath them, which you can go into if you are brave enough to explore them. The towering rock walls make mini-mountain ponds with lush moss patches and various fungi surrounding them. While this trail doesn't require lockers and re-gearing, it can get tight navigating between the boulders and trees that have toppled down over the year. The mud holes change colors from brown to black as you travel farther down the trail, as the mountains are rich in nutrients and were host to coal mines for many years.


Wind Rock Park considers this to be a blue trail, but it is on the easier side of things, with two exception being a single rock ledge and a few hard bottom mud holes.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Trail 83 begins on G6 and ends on G33