End of the World

Total Miles


178.82 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer

Trail Overview

This trail has a multitude of different obstacles along the path. The trail can be ran from either direction. If the water level is low you can follow the edge of the river and start the trail from the rivers edge and travel the trail in reverse. If the water level is up the trail will have to start from the top of the hill from the boat ramp and then ran in reverse to exit. Along the route there are many deep mud holes that most can be bypassed. There are a few that can't but they are not deep. About halfway through there are several deep ditches that will have your vehicle off camber ( these are fun). towards the end or beginning depending on which way you have gone there will be a steep ledge about 24'"-32" to travers with little bypass.


This trail depending on weather will be very slick with deep washes and inclines to have to traverse.

Technical Rating