64 - Patrick's Pond

Total Miles


990.85 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Bring your bathing suit! Trail 64 is one that can be very misleading by reading the park map. On paper, this is labeled as a blue trail at moderate difficulty, but upon entrance at the trailhead from the southwest end, the signs say otherwise. It starts with a double hill climb, both with very loose soil and rock. The second climb will lead you to the outside of the trail to avoid the ledge climbs, but will put you in an off-camber situation. Just past the hill climb is a few small mud holes followed by a very large, rutted-out mud hole. It has a very soft, silt-like bottom that if you don't keep momentum, it will continue to suck you in. There is no bypass around the deep mud hole. Continuing on, you will find a steep descent with an abundance of loose rocks that others have used to reduce rollover potential. While 64 is not very lengthy, it can make up for it in time if you are complacent.


Loose rock with steep grades create water runoff exposing soil that is easily lost control in. The mud hole can exceed hood level, take caution to not hydro lock your motor.

Technical Rating