Warner Lookout and Logger Butte

Total Miles


1,755.27 ft


1 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Warner Lookout and Logger Butte, the road itself is pretty uneventful other than a few downed trees here and there after storms; it is the destinations that make this route worth checking out! Easy gravel road, typically unmaintained during winter, gets you up to Watner Lookout and Logger Butte. Fun historical fact, Logger Butte dates all the back to 1919! It was used as a fire lookout until it burned down in 1969. What is left of it is only a couple of small benches to enjoy a nice picnic at the top; the views are amazing. You will also see little wood placers dedicated to some of the firemen who worked in the town years ago. The new Fire tower called Warner Lookout is found down the road, you can rent the cabin out in the winter but during fire season, you are able to tour the tower with approval only.


Minimum difficulty on this road. The road is typically unmaintained during winter and can be subject to closures. Downed trees after a large storm possible, as well as rocks or debris in the road.


Logger butte dates all the way back to 1919! In 1926 they built a fire lookout and a couple of other buildings on top of the mountain. They used this location to watch over fires, but in 1969 the lookout was burned down by an arsonist.

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Access Description

From Oakridge, Turn left onto OR-58 E. Take NF-21 and Buck Creek Road to US Forest Service Road 439. Turn right onto Hills Creek Road/Kitson Springs Road. Turn right onto US Forest Service Rd 21. Turn left onto NF-21. Continue onto US Forest Service Road 21. Turn left onto Buck Creek Road. Turn left to stay on Buck Creek Road. Turn right to stay on Buck Creek Road. Slight right onto NF-2129. Continue straight onto US Forest Service Road 439.

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