Summit Road NF2630

Total Miles


1980.27 ft


6 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This route transports travelers from Highway 26 north of Prineville Oregon into the middle of the Ochoco National Forest. Along the way you'll find yourself navigating well-groomed forest service roads, fairly narrow and rocky road surfaces and a few small obstacles. You'll be rewarded with wonderful views of the forest and surrounding area as well as plenty of dispersed camping opportunities.This is a two-way road. Most of the way provides enough width for two vehicles to pass slowly in either direction. However there is a good amount of tree-lined sections that are wide enough for only one vehicle at a time. Obstacles like rocky surfaces, low hanging trees, small avoidable drop-offs and smaller seasonal mud pits are minimal, but there are a few spots that will require some attention and a high-clearance 4x4. There is little to no cell service so please be sure to download maps to your mobile device.


This route is very easy with over half being smooth gravel road. There are sections that are narrow, others that are very rough and some that are tight for large vehicles.

Technical Rating