Wagner & Siskiyou

Total Miles


2167.3 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This is a great run from Wagner Creek through parts of Siskiyou Pass to Maple Dell Gap. From Maple Dell Gap you can continue on to Squaw Lake or head north and reconnect with Siskiyou Pass. You can also head South into CA. We ran this trail Memorial Day weekend and encountered a downed tree and couple of 3' snow banks. There are a couple of beautiful alpine meadows and peaks to explore. You may run into snow drifts and/or downed trees.


This trail is not difficult but run in winter and you'll encounter a lot of snow which will be unpassable. We ran it in late spring and still encountered some snow drifts. There are a ton of off shoots to this trail and many are BLM roads, so much more exploring to do if you're interested.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Head up Wagner Creek and enjoy.