Moon Hill to Dust Bowl Road

Total Miles


1,921.19 ft


4 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This track takes you up to Moon Hill as the high point and creates a loop that is open year-round. (Some of the Steens Mountains are behind a locked gate some of the year) The track is a seldom used trail with grass growing in the tracks of the lesser visited sections. Many camping opportunities along this trail. There are some small private property sections at the beginning and end of the trail that are legal to pass through per signage posted by the BLM. We were able to see some of the wild horses, antelope, and a herd of Elk along this. route. Depending on the time of year there are some giant puffball mushrooms along this trail.

Photos of Moon Hill to Dust Bowl Road

Moon Hill to Dust Bowl Road
Moon Hill to Dust Bowl Road
Moon Hill to Dust Bowl Road


Easy trail for high clearance AWD or 4x4 vehicles when dry. As many trails in this area if the trail is wet it can be nearly impassible by most vehicles. The deep dried ruts from attempts while wet are a warning to wait until this trail is dry.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Richard Maguire
May 26, 2024
Started at the south entrance and made it about a quarter of the way before camping for the night. If you like Oregon high desert in spring, it was really nice. Flowers were still in bloom, trail is definitely not used that often given the grass over most of it, but it was peaceful and beautiful.

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