Lava Cast Forest Trail

Total Miles


1646.98 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

Just off highway 97 turn onto Sugar Pine Butte Road. Down this trail you will find beautiful lava roads freckled with juniper trees and forests. Gravel washboard roads with mild hill climbs and descents are easy for stock rigs and passable by high clearance 2WD during dry months when snow has passed. During wet months 4x4 highly recommended. Get to the top of Sugar Pine Butte where you can see a gorgeous view of the mountain range. Then come back down and rejoin highway 97 for a truly memorable Off-road detour.


This is a level 2 because trails in wet months require more patience due to slippery conditions and snow is unpassable by 2wd for most of the year. Trail is mostly 1 car width requiring reversing or off trail driving for passing opposing traffic. Snow at high elevation can be found late into the year, and cause uncertain terrain.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Coming south from bend on highway 97, turn left onto North Paulina Road. Follow Arnold Ice Cave to Lava Butte Trail this will put you at the mouth of the trail. Follow the trail on the Map and it will place you back on highway 97.