Hood River OHV 160 to 140 to 133

Total Miles


769.48 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

This is a loop of connecting trails in the Hood River OHV Park. There are lots more trails to come from this park. The system has some quad trails and a lot of single track. You will find a lot of Mountain bikers riding these trails as well. Some of the trails in the system are for non-motorized bikes only so pay attention to the signs. The park has a great map, and the signs are posted clearly, so you don't get lost.


This loop of trails is intermediate and some advanced. Trail 160 is intermediate 50" and under, 140 is Single track only (Dirt bikes and Mountain bikes), 133 is 50" and ander

Technical Rating


Access Description

This trail starts in the Binns Hill staging are and you can google your way there.