High Divide #5850

Total Miles


1,579.73 ft


3 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Are you looking for a backcountry adventure with views? Then I recommend checking out High Divide, a 45-mile-long forest road ride! Most will start this road right outside the town of Oakridge. There is little to no cellphone service in this area. If you need reception, the Dairy Queen near Chevron offers wifi, a stop for breakfast, or a full menu all day. Once you get to the trail, you will notice the road sign says Deception CR Rd don't let this fool you, this is the right path. For the first eight miles High Divide is dirt, then it turns to the pavement for ten miles. I know we all want to speed through the mountains like we are race car drivers, but be aware this road is a high-traffic road and is not maintained; there are very large cracks, potholes, and dips; please drive carefully. The pavement ends at a 4-way intersection and will be dirt for the rest of the route. There are a couple of camp spots, one of them has a small pond, but don't swim in it, you will find yourself covered in leeches, it is a stagnant body of water, regardless it is still a beautiful spot to camp. When driving, be mindful of falling trees and large rocks. This area is known for large deadfalls that can sometimes block the road and make maneuvering the forest difficult, after a large storm, you may find some roads will have multiple downed trees and rock slides. The views are amazing on this route, both the large vast forest, with rolling hills and the multiple different flowers that line sections of this drive. If you enjoy hiking, you will find Wren Loop #3655 trailhead, it is a short 1 Mile hike, open to Horse, Bike, and Foot traffic.

Photos of High Divide #5850

High Divide #5850
High Divide #5850
High Divide #5850


Minimum difficulty on this road, you will run into downed trees that can block the road, and you will need to drive over the debris. Due to this, a lower clearance vehicle is not recommended. There is also a chance of falling rocks, some may even be in the middle of the road. Careful placement of tires when passing these rocks can make for some technical maneuvers. The pavement section of this road is not kept up, there are large potholes, dips, and cracks, be mindful and drive slowly. The road is typically untainted during winter and can be subject to closures.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

Turn onto Deception Creek Road off of OR-58 West.

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