Owyhee River Trail

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838.62 ft


1 Hours

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Trail Overview

This braided dirt road follows along the Owyhee River from the ford at Birch Creek Ranch to where the river dumps into the South end of the Owyhee Reservoir. This trail is mostly along the West side of the river, but there are two river crossings and a slow, rocky stretch on the East side that bypasses an old washout. Fording the river is only viable during low flow in the fall. Always wade in to test the depth and strength of the current before attempting to ford deep water. This is part of a long and very remote route that accesses the backcountry and numerous Wilderness Study Areas along the West side of the Owyhee Reservoir and Owyhee Canyonlands. There is very little traffic out here. Bring extra fuel, water, and spare tires. There is a high silica content in the dirt in this region. When dry, it's fine talc dust that gets everywhere and in everything. When wet, it becomes a slippery mess and dries hard on your vehicle like concrete. Be prepared to hike out if traveling in this area during the wet season.


Easy dirt road with 2-4 river fords depending on route.

Technical Rating