Flook Lake

Total Miles


1566.81 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail accesses the Flook Lake playa, which is a dried up lake bed. This trail is very dusty in summer and extreme caution should be taken in spring or fall especially if there has been recent rain. Off-road travel should not be attempted for two reasons: this trail is inside the Hart Mountain Wildlife Refuge, and off-road travel is prohibited to preserve natural landscapes, and secondly because the dust on the playa is extremely fine and vehicles can get stuck easily. This trail is very remote and doesn't get much traffic, so bring plenty of food and water. There are scenic views from the playa of this austere environment and of the two box canyons which open up to the playa. There are scenic views of the playa from near the beginning of the trail. Temperatures can get very high in the summer and the temperature gradient is extreme in the spring and fall. The trail and the adjacent playa get very dusty with any amount of wind. There is no reliable cell phone service on this trail.


Trail is very easy, a few large ruts, as well as loose sand in many areas. Do not leave the trail.

Technical Rating