Bogus Ranch Road

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1197.28 ft


1 Hours

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Trail Overview

Bogus Ranch Road is a dusty dirt road that starts out as gravel in the small hamlet of Arock, Oregon. It winds through the few farms that have managed to find viable land among all lava beds in the area, before opening up onto the plateaus above the Owyhee Canyon. Once up on the plateau, the dust gets deep and the ruts pull the vehicle from side to side. There is very little traffic out here. Bring extra fuel, water, and spare tires. There is a high silica content in the dirt in this region. When dry, there is fine talc dust that gets everywhere and in everything. When wet, it becomes a slippery mess and dries hard on your vehicle like concrete. Be prepared to hike out if traveling in this area during the wet season.


easy dirt road

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