Abbott Road 6410 Quarry Split

Total Miles


724.61 ft



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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Turn to follow Abbott road towards the quarry. Here the difficulty kicks it up a notch. Deep ruts and pits are hard to judge in the winter months due to puddling. Most are safe; some are not. Snow risk ups dramatically in winter at this point. An awesome short but important trail to join the beginning to deep in the forest where tougher, less maintained roads await.

Photos of Abbott Road 6410 Quarry Split

Abbott Road 6410 Quarry Split
Abbott Road 6410 Quarry Split
Abbott Road 6410 Quarry Split


Winter months kick the trail to a level 4. Deep ruts, downed branches, slick mud, and a deep hole after a bridge make 4x4 a must. Hole looks deeper than it is (see photo of me standing in the water and where it comes up to on my boots.). Snowfall can last for months meaning the lowest level is compact but slippery. Ice at night can be dangerous. Summer months this trail is rocky and bumpy but not terrible. The quarry at the end is worth every bit of this trail and then some.

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Access Description

Follow Abbott Road 4610 nearly to the end to join this 6410 on the left

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