Lake View Trail 69

Total Miles


268.82 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

Lake View Trail is an easier trail offering great views of Uwharrie National Forest and Badin Lake. A view of Badin Lake can be seen about halfway through the trail. Most of the trail is an easy shelf road that winds along the hills and mountains of the forest. There are a few optional challenges that require high ground clearance. The trail ends at a "mud pit" called the soup bowl; it is optional and is generally between 20 and 40 inches deep in parts, depending on the rain. The water has no current and has a rocky bottom, making it easier to cross--about 30 feet. Some optional obstacles are located on the trail. One is accessible to most high-clearance 4WDs and will likely require 4WD; the other is an extremely off-camber rock garden that requires high clearance and 4WD.

Photos of Lake View Trail 69

Lake View Trail 69
Lake View Trail 69
Lake View Trail 69


The trail is easy for the most part with a few rocks and small ledges that are no more than 8 inches high. There are a few optional lines that can be challenging, especially for lower, wider vehicles.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Chris Suttle
May 25, 2024
Really fun trail but it’s very rocky and rough. Original rating was 3/10, I’d give it at least a 6. Soup bowl at end was great but with all the rain recently it was too deep for me to try going all the way in. Will definitely come back though!

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