390 – Daniel

Total Miles


263.13 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

spring, summer, fall



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Trail Overview

Expert riders only! Daniel is one of 3 trails that start with a "D" that all of the locals know all too well. This trail sees frequent rollovers and vehicle damage, resulting in its rating being a "Black" trail. Daniel starts at the Cotton Place trailhead on the east side of the Badin Lake OHV area; centralized inside the Uhwarrie National Forest. Starting at the trailhead, the first gatekeeper requires you to choose to stay left at a steep vertical rock climb, or choose a deep off camber V notch. The V notch visually seems to be the easier choice, however the off camber situations are at such a steep angle, rollovers begin here. Next, two sharp ledges with soft, silt like soil pose danger in the rain with slippery conditions, and no room to turn around. Following the ledges, is a Z-turn that can cause damage due to the roof of vehicles as they get off camber and hit trees that lines the trail. These are easy to spot due to the worn out spots on the tree's bark. Next up is a 3 path hill climb with beautiful views that make Daniel worth the risk! Continuing on you will find a rock slab garden that is significantly easy to traverse down, rather than up. Going up will provide wheel slip in vehicles without lockers, and could have the vehicle's tires barking It's way up! If you make it through all of these obstacles, give yourself a pat on the back! Tread lightly, and wheel with friends to stay safe! Badin Lake OHV is closed from December 15th-March 31st.



Technical Rating


Access Description

To take the trail from bottom to the top of the mountain, start at the Cotton Place Trail head