Old Buzzard Roost Road

Total Miles


886.16 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

Old Buzzard Roost Road is a nice adventure just a few miles from the interstate. You'll travel under the shadow of Mt. Sterling as you cross a few creeks and traverse switchbacks until you reach the top of the ridgeline and intersect with the Buzzard Roost Road. Initially, the route is mild gravel with only one easy water crossing to add some variety. After a couple of miles you'll find that it transitions to a rockier dirt track with some rutted sections. A stock 4WD vehicle should be fine with a spotter in dry conditions, but the clay and sand can become more difficult to navigate after rains. Be sure it air down for grip on the round rock sections. Cell service is almost nonexistent on the majority of this route.


There are very few places to pass vehicles once you get into the harder parts. The rocks are mostly rounded and combined with the clay sections portions of the trail can get really slick after a rain.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Take the Waterville Exit off of I40 E and then head towards the Big Creek Rangers Station. Just before the rangers station turn up Mt. Sterling Rd. and it will turn into Forest Rd. 288. That's Old Buzzard Roost Rd.