The Gould Paper Expressway

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255.04 ft


0.5 Hours

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Spring, Summer, Fall

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This stretch of the old Ogdensburg Railroad line has been converted by Lewis County into one of the main arteries of the Tughill region's snowmobile and ATV traffic. Follow this trail from the Burdick's Crossing Road intersection south to one of the area's premier eateries, Boondocks Restaurant & Bar, and the beautiful Edge Hotel. Fuel and food can also be found at the Stewart's Shop location by continuing along the trail that runs alongside Route 12 in front of the restaurant and hotel. You must have a Lewis County ATV permit to ride this trail. They can be purchased at many locations throughout the area, including the Edge Hotel. Lastly, please respect the landowners along this trail and stay on the designated routes.

Photos of The Gould Paper Expressway

The Gould Paper Expressway
The Gould Paper Expressway
The Gould Paper Expressway


The trail surface is a mix of gravel and dirt which can be muddy when it's raining or has recently rained. Otherwise, this trail is very dusty with limited visibility depending on the traffic volume. Always ride with your headlights on for safety.


Named after the locally famous Gould Paper Company owners who operated a large paper mill at the confluence of the mighty Black and Moose Rivers from 1895 to 1945, this trail runs along an old railroad bed that used to transport people and goods from the regions of many sawmills, paper mills, and tanneries.

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Access Description

Trailer parking is available on the southern end of this trail at the Edge Hotel in Lyons Falls, New York.

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