Windmill Way

Total Miles


2,031.09 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Windmill Way has a decent variety of terrain along its route. Composed of a combination of soft sand, dirt, and rocks, the trail winds its way to the southwest giving views of the surrounding mountains and a plateau to the north full of wind turbines. There are no obstacles larger than 10 inches along the route, but the soft sand sections may be difficult for any vehicles that are not AWD or 4WD. There is one small rock garden with the rest of the trail being a combination of sand and dirt. While the trail is primarily flat and easy to traverse, it does provide a very quiet and secluded area to explore. The trail intersects a few other trails in the area where drivers can continue on in just about any direction. This intersection is just to the north of a large livestock tank and windmill. Cattle are present in the area, along with other wildlife such as coyotes, elk, and deer. Cell service is strong in this entire area with the exception of some low-lying sections where it becomes weaker. Weather can change quickly in the region and the trails in the area become very soft and muddy after rain. Dispersed camping is not permitted along this trail, however, those wanting to camp can take an immediate turn to the northwest onto Clarion Course and camp within the first 2 miles of the track, or continue to the southeast along the Sandwash trail where dispersed camping is permitted in the last 0.7 miles. Windmill Way is a combination of FS-142 and FS-142x (FS-142xOLD) with a small portion cutting through a private land tract. There are some unmarked hiking paths in the area, however, several of the two-track motorized spurs in the area are no longer listed on the MVUM and are closed via the USFS with the exception of FS-533 at the northern portion of Windmill Way.

Photos of Windmill Way

Windmill Way
Windmill Way
Windmill Way


Drivers will encounter several sections of soft sand that will be difficult for any vehicles that are not AWD or 4WD. There is one smaller rock garden, but no obstacles larger than 10 inches. The trail will be soft and muddy after rain or snow melt.

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Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

Turn south onto CR-B082 off Highway 42 and continue south for 3 miles. Turn west onto CR-B088 and follow for 3.8 miles. The trail begins after the small private land tract/livestock pen.

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