Total Miles


1845.06 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Mary is an out and back style trail with a surface combination of rock and dirt that gradually descends into a canyon. The beginning of the trail features wide open views on a rocky surface with multiple dispersed camping areas and views gradually become limited descending into the canyon. Take note of the private property area as camping and exploring is not permitted through this area and drivers must stay on the trail. Going through the private property portion there are sections of soft dirt with some deeper rutting that will be muddy after rain or snow. Once outside of the private property the surface changes back to primarily rock with some rock gardens featuring steps and obstacles in excess of 12". There are also several low-lying washes that have the potential to be water crossings deeper than 12" after heavy rain. One of these washes features a short steep grade climb on loose rocks. Trail is single vehicle wide with room to pass. There are a few spurs along the route that allow for more exploration. Cell service is strong at the start of the trail and becomes weaker to no signal deeper into the canyon.


Expect rock gardens with obstacles and steps/ledges larger than 12", deeper rutting, potential water crossings, and short steep grades on loose rocks.

Technical Rating