Tower Peak via Rosedale Road

Total Miles


3028.29 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This is an alternate route approaching the highlands surrounding Mt. Withington. Highlights of this road include unique rock formations, sweeping vistas, and downright spooky drives through previously burned forests. One section of the route drives through a forest that burned in 2013, but most of the trees have remained standing. The result feels like it's straight out of a movie, establishing a spooky setting around the road. The road begins as a branch off 107, north of Elephant Butte State Park. The areas before the climb are popular with campers, particularly around Cyanide Tank. After crossing the desert to the foothills, the trail climbs with numerous switchbacks through dense pinewood forests. Views and rocky outcroppings dot the drive, making it a scenic trip. Once into the highlands, the road crosses the burned areas towering above several gorges. The road ends within a few hundred ft of Tower peak or can be continued as an alternate route to Mt. Withington.


Lots of switchbacks, a bit steep in places, and one spot with a small shelf. Most stock 4WD SUVs have no trouble with this trail. Softroading-oriented crossovers will also be fine, though some crossovers with less than 6.5" of clearance may struggle in places.

Technical Rating